Lady Marie’s Lace


Today has been gloriously sunny, and I spent the morning wandering the estate with Lady Marie’s boys. We passed a delightful few hours by the river, although it was all I could do to stop Henry, the oldest, from jumping in! He is just at that age where boys want to be adventurors and he has been avidly reading Treasure Island. I find it rather unsuitable, however, his father bought it for him and i daren’t contradict him. I do worry though, Edward is so impressionable, and looks up to his brother a great deal. This means that he can be incited to all sorts of dangerous mischief, and i have to keep a very close watch over him. Today, for instance, while I was distracted preparing our picnic, he managed, with his brother’s encouragement, to climb up on of the trees, and dangle along a branch overhanging the river. I bade him get down immediately but he found himself quite stuck,so Henry and I had to spread the picnic blanket out and catch him as he jumped. They both found the whole thing incredibly amusing, but I was terribly shaken. They are gentle boys though, and when they saw me so upset they crept up to me, like little church mice, and sat and ate their lunch without a peep. Edward’s trousers are torn from his escapades, so I shall add them to the pile of mending I have. This includes some of my Lady’s most beautiful lace, which I must be very careful with, as it is so costly and delicate. She will wear nothing twice herself, of course, but her husband despises waste and so forces her to keep them. Once or twice she has offered me garments of hers, however, I am uncomfortable in such expensive, showy items, and am happier in the shadows…


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